CFO And Vice President of Tax Survey Regarding Remote Work For Employees Early in Their Careers

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We did a survey of 100 of our Fortune 500 client’s CFO’s and Vice President of Taxes and asked them the question:

For workers early on in their careers, what are your thoughts on the remote work from home arrangement as it pertains to a tax professional’s career?

Here are some of their thoughts:

  • They are missing out on the best time of their career to learn and to grow their network.
  • You can’t build solid relationships across the organization with Microsoft Teams or Zoom calls.
  • Some of our employees are feeling disconnected and not as motivated in their jobs. The social Isolation and not being in the office amongst their peers and bosses are putting them at a disadvantage for being promoted and for furthering their career development.
  • Over time we have noticed that some of our remote employees lose sight of what our department values and our objectives.
  • They are losing the opportunity to master their communication skills in a live setting and have meetings with their bosses, lunch with their peers and other social gatherings that motivates them to have a bigger impact in the organization.
  • Every finance professional needs a mentor in the office to help them with their position and for them to advocate for them in the company. It just doesn’t have the same effect if the person is not physically with us.
  • Being physically together in the office is good for building creativity, innovative ideas and a collaborative culture.

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