Executive Search Process

We aim to be effective advisers to our clients and walk them through the phases of a search. Our endeavor is to surpass clients’ expectations by providing an exemplary choice of candidates and a smooth and detailed process, which covers five important phases:

Establish Search Objectives

  • Define the responsibilities associated with the position, reporting requirements, eligibility criteria, and compensation package that will be offered.
  • Provide insight and new perspectives on how clients can redefine their needs; when it is applicable, challenge clients assumptions and bring out innovative ideas to perceive the role.
  • Collect information about the members of the client’s tax department, its operations, and its corporate culture.
  • Create a strategy for presenting a client’s position to the tax community.

Develop a Search Strategy

  • Running a computerized network search using our proprietary database which includes several high caliber tax candidates who hold positions in the most highly recognized companies and public accounting firms across the world.
  • Conduct precise research into companies and public accounting firms to identify those candidates with the required skill-sets and credentials, adding to our extensive knowledge of and relationships with tax executives.
  • Sort list the eligible and best-qualified candidates for the role, with the aim of providing the real talents to our clients to consider.
  • We take initiative to get in touch with the third-party and qualify prospects; core to our approach, the basic referencing work enables us to have more productive long-list discussions.

Entice and Assess the Candidates

  • We approach tax executives to test their interest in the position, based on our insights about candidates’ interests and inclinations to persuade the qualified prospects to consider the new opportunities.
  • We arrange rigorous interviews with candidates based on the required skills, knowledge and abilities provided in the position specifications.
  • Shortlisting the candidates with the specified qualification and interest in the position.

Provide Clients with High Caliber Candidates for the Interview

  • We provide an in-depth written analysis and evaluation against the specifications.
  • Based on informal external interviews on every candidate to ensure and enhance our information about the candidate’s achievements and professional experience, we provide meaningful insight into past performance and current qualifications.
  • We schedule interviews, prepare candidates and clients before the interview, and conduct candidate debriefing to provide our clients.

Complete the Search

  • After the client decision of its desired candidate, conduct thorough reference checks for further evaluation of competencies, strengths, and weaknesses, and provide the external feedback of the individual.
  • Assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to fill the position efficiently.
  • Communicate to the client and placement during the process of finalizing the search.
  • Provide client follow up to discuss any suggested improvements our service and approach.
  • Periodically keep in touch with client and candidate once the position is closed, checking in on the placement’s fit with the organization and the progress of the transition.