Applying to Job Postings? You’re Applying to a Computer!

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Applying to job openings, even with a proper resume is more likely to result in silence than responses. The online resume submission is an uncertain process. If you are getting no responses, it’s because you are applying to a computer rather than a person.

Submitting resumes online is super easy and “active” job seekers choose this method. However, it doesn’t work. What can help you get a fruitful result is to get your resume in front of the hiring manager. While human resource team is considered to be the champion in recruiting people, their real work is to sort the number of resumes that comes to the hiring manager’s desk. So, they have a tendency of “why should I reject this ?” rather than a “is the candidate perfect for this position?” attitude.

Here are various reasons why you should use an Executive Recruiter for your next job search:

When you apply to a company and then seek help from the recruiter, usually the recruiter’s hands are tied as your resume is already in the company’s database. As a common means – check with your recruiter first if they have any information of an opening in any company suitable for your profile to get you recruited. If they don’t have the option at that moment, they have the insight for you to inform you and get you placed in your desired designation. Use Pro-Tax Executive Search as a resource and guide.

Get the myth debunked that your salary is going to be affected by going through a recruiter. The source of this rumor is unknown, but it’s not true. The organizations we work with have fixed budgets for recruiting firms to help them be their ears and eyes. They know the benefits we would provide them as well and we work as a team. We actually fight for your salary and do it for you without the hassle of back and forth negotiation that you may not be fine with.

Working directly with hiring managers, we have been recruiting in the tax executive arena for decades. All our clients that have been working with us understand how we stand alone as the premier tax executive search firm. This means if we swear for someone, they listen! We are always ready to answer your queries, whether it’s a rejection, interview, or offer; you don’t have to wonder if your resume has reached past the abyss.

We can also offer push back to a client rather than allowing them to just delete you as an option for the opening. We guarantee that we can combat their rejection and allow you more chance than you might have had by applying online.

We have complete information about the position, the tax department and company culture. This information can’t be revealed via a job spec or website. Writing informative, yet easy to understand job specs is a talent, and many organizations do not have the time or resources to put up their best work in this regards. Websites mainly give you an overview of the whole company, rather than the practical details of each opening. We talk to our clients directly, numerous times on each position, and prepare you thoroughly before your interview.

We are a link between a company and candidate. As a buffer, we help the candidates to speak freely about all their hesitations, concerns, and requirements. On the other hand, we listen to the specific criteria and requirements of the companies for delivering them the highest caliber candidates. We listen to all the candidate feedback and present it in a way that is receptive to the hiring manager. We help to negotiate compensation and put in serious effort to provide you with a top market based compensation package from our client.

Our focus is to keep you updated constantly and make you aware about the competition level. For instance, we have that insider information that you always want to know, how many other candidates made it to the final rounds and what stage in the recruiting process, to give you information about the opportunity that you should explore. We can even persuade our clients to make a decision with regards to your timing.

Positive Feedback: We won’t exaggerate anything; we want you to improve and grow, and if there is something we get to know from our clients that will be beneficial for you in the long run, we’ll definitely convey it to you. We try to maintain transparency as much as possible so that you can understand that we are really focused on this.

Recruiters are the only ones who have information about a few jobs. So, don’t limit yourself to what’s posted on the job portals. We have in-depth information about which companies are hiring now and what will be the future openings or requirements. All of our clients only use executive recruiters to ensure that they get the best talent. So, if you choose to work with us, be assured that we are always on the hunt to place you into the right position and client company.

We know what our clients want.

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